BOPP Laminated Woven Bags

Biaxial oriented polypropylene laminated bags are produced by laminating the printed film into woven fabric which is then modified into bags. BOPP laminated bags is one of the trending brand in the packaging industries. These bags are in high demand due to its stability, strength, low gauge, flatness, clarity, and amazing print quality. It is generally used in packaging of dry solid materials like salt, flour, rice, grain, coal, chemical powder, etc. It allows sufficient passage of air to the packed items and makes sure the phenomenon of inhalation space in grains. We apply ink directly onto the layer which adheres to the woven fabric using a laminate coating. These bags provide maximum water resistance, oil resistance, grease resistance, scratch and rub resistance as well as ultraviolet light resistance and also they are reusable as it is easily washed. We always manufacture these bags as per customer’s requirement at affordable price.

BOPP Laminated Woven Bags Manufacturers in India

There are of different attracting colors, beautiful designs and amazing picture like printed bags that definitely catch the attention of the customer. This bag’s application is too wide as it is used to transport various varieties of food products, building materials, various chemicals, Pet food, Animal feed, fertilizer, resins, etc. It is also available as transparent bags for product visibility which allows you to check its integrity and convenient handles. The main advantage of BOPP laminated bags is it is easily available in the online as well as offline market where you can find various kinds of bags which is of various sizes and several beautiful designs. The durability and dimensional stability is more than other normal bags. BOPP Laminated bags have high impact graphics that improve the marketability. You can advertise your products through these bags by printing your company name, logo and product image as this bag are of superior printing quality.

Benefits of BOPP laminated bags :-

  • These bags are made by stretching it in both direction longitudes as well as latitude due to this it has more fatigue-resistance and durability strength. Generally, this bag is used to handle the loads placed on them
  • The sun rays prove beneficial to agricultural products, but it may cause damage once the product is packed. So BOPP laminated bags is used to pack such product during travelling as it is UV light resistance
  • As it is made up of Polypropylene, it is reusable and also manufacture as per quantity requirement in agricultural community.